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Building Equity into Your Infrastructure: a workshop – Wednesday, March 1, 2023

It had never occurred to me that work in an organization could be done differently until I started working with The Enneagram Prison Project in 2019. At that time, leadership was beginning to explore the possibilities of creating an organization which welcomed every voice to the table and supported each member to gravitate towards the work which most inspired and interested them. The thing which most inspired and interested me was the concept itself – inspired by the book Reinventing Organizations – so I dived in.

More than three years later, I remain excited about the possibilities this model has for creating equity and inclusion within an organization, and I enthusiastically talk about it whenever I can.

Like I never expected or intended to become an editor, I never expected or intended to immerse myself in organizational design. Allergic to the usual corporate and nonprofit models of doing work, I avoided organizations — I did not join them. But supporting people to work together in ways that are more cohesive, supportive, and, yes, productive is similar to what I do with writers, but on a bigger scale.

In the end, my work always comes down to supporting creators to crystallize and realize their visions, but when I work with equity design, the result is not a book — it’s an organization and a way of life.

I’ll be speaking about this on March 1, 2023 at 11am (PT)/1pm (CT) in a workshop sponsored by Techrise a Chicago-based incubator for historically underrepresented tech founders

If you’d like to come hear me speak and even ask some questions, register here.

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