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After years of maintaining separate identities for my client-based and organizational work, I realized that — underneath it all — they are one and the same.

I’m a person who listens deeply. I listen deeply when someone is telling me their story or their idea, and I listen deeply when a founder or Executive Director is figuring out a problem. By putting my own thoughts aside and immersing myself in what another person is saying, I detect details and themes that they have missed and create a pathway for the way forward. This is something I have always done; it’s partially life experience, partially knowing how narratives work, and it’s just how I’m built.

I’m a person who cares. If I could, I would devote myself to solving every single problem that keeps me up at night: racism, poverty, climate change, healthcare, politics, violence, and division. But after beating myself up for years because I couldn’t get to it all, I realized that the next best thing would be supporting the people who are working on solutions to those challenges.

I’m also someone whose personal challenges with ADHD and mental health issues have made me even more super-organized and compassionate than I might have been otherwise.

Having accepted and embraced all these things about myself, I’ve been able to support healers, activists, documentary filmmakers, business owners, and educators, all of whom have dedicated their own lives to creating a better world – one that is more just, prosperous, sustainable, and healthy. But my clients and their causes are not the only ones who have benefitted. Every project has given me a window into a different way of looking at the world and a different perspective on change. Plus I’ve learned a lot: about biofuels, Ayurveda, Emotional Freedom Technique, making a living in the arts, restorative justice, the prison system, and the Enneagram, to name just a few.

I often feel like I’ve got the best job in the world and I know that my enthusiasm carries over into my clients’ experiences. Improving the conditions for human life on this planet is a tough mission to take on, but I have seen time and again that my partnership makes the load a little easier to bear and the path a little more joyful to walk.

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