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Story Workshops and Retreats

Represent! offers a range of offerings that can get participants started on their storytelling journeys or take them all the way to mastery. For groups and organizations, storytelling supports mission alignment, leadership, sales, team building and public speaking.

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Half and Full Day Workshops

These workshops pack a lot into a short time and work best for groups no larger than 10. Both programs include a brief overview of storytelling as a craft, story development time, sharing and feedback. With the client, I design a workshop that best fulfills their group or organizational needs. In a full day workshop, participants have more time to develop their stories and work with me one-on-one.

  • Past workshop: Seasons of Change was a half-day workshop for a BIPOC Employee Resource Group. In this workshops we used the seasons as a metaphor for times in our lives when something changed.  We also explored how our stories, and the meanings we give them, evolve along with our own lives.  

8 Week Workshops

Groups meet weekly or biweekly for a series of 8 sessions during which participants receive individualized coaching on both content and presentation. More interactive than a shorter workshop, participants not only participate in the development processes with their peers but also learn lessons along the way which they can apply  to their own stories. 

  • Past workshop: Origin Stories was designed for Global Majority woman executives and entrepreneurs. It covered everything they needed to tell their stories in print, interviews, or onstage. The group learned that their Origin Stories were as unique as their fingerprints and that the process of distinguishing where they’ve come from, what they’ve learned, and where they're going empowered them to share their stories with ease. 

Two Day Retreats

During a two day retreat, participants spend the first day developing stories with each other and with me one-on-one. On the second day, the group shares and provides feedback. Retreats can be designed to facilitate both presentation skills (for professionals) and healing (for community groups).

  • Upcoming Retreat: The Secret Wounds of Motherhood is a retreat that provides a nurturing and confidential environment for mothers to explore experiences that have gone unsaid or unheard. When a mother reveals deep truths, she has the power to heal herself and generations of mothers and children to come.

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