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Editing Services

Do you know which kind of editing you need?

There are many stages to the editing process and it can be confusing to know which one you need. A Discovery Call will help you determine the stage of your project and what kind of editing will help you the most.

Do you want to pitch a book?

When you feel ready to birth a nonfiction book, whether you consider yourself an influencer or a subject matter expert, you're going to need a book proposal.


Even if you plan to self-publish, a solid proposal is a roadmap for getting your project from the idea stage and into the hands of your ideal reader. And, even if you do plan to self-publish, I may urge you to consider going with a publisher. Your voice is important and the world needs you.

Do you need to focus and organize your draft?

A Developmental Edit is about sorting through all the ideas you've thrown into your notes, articles, blog posts, or draft, and turning them into something that feels like a single well-thought-out book.

Developmental editing is the best way to assure that your book will flow and make sense, and that your readers will be engaged.

Have you finished a manuscript?

When your manuscript feels finished and you want an objective and informed opinion, a Manuscript Review will give you a big picture overview of what's working, what's not working, and what needs to change.

When your manuscript is finished, a Line or Copy Edit will assure your syntax is clear, distinguish between colons, semi-colons, and commas, and assure consistency of names, capitalizations, and hyphens.

I provide both.

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