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Story and Book Consulting

What is Story Consulting?

Transform your experience into a story that engages people and aligns them with your message. When you're clear about your stories, you've got a strong foundation for all your communication and can apply it to everything you write and say. 

Who needs Story Consulting?

  • Social Impact Entrepreneurs

  • Activists

  • Nonprofit founders and leaders

  • Community Leaders 

  • Nonfiction writers

  • Educators

  • Coaches 

"What I enjoy most about working with Jesi is that she's able to use her expert knowledge to quickly help me think more strategically and purposefully about the best ways to communicate my ideas and story to my audience."

What is Book Consulting?

Confused about what to do next? Writing and publishing a book is a long process with a lot of steps and it's not always clear which step comes next. As your Book Consultant, I can help you decide what's right for your project and help you get it to the next stage whether that's a proposal, working with an editor,  preparing for submission or publishing it yourself.

When do you need story or book consulting and how will it help?

When you're out of ideas
When you've been working so hard that you feel tapped out,​ we will refresh your imagination and get your ideas flowing.
When you need to organize your ideas
I'll help you sort out and prioritize all your story ideas so you can get started on the one that's most important to you right now.
When you have too many ideas
When you don't even know where to start, I'll help you clarify what you're trying to say and then help you figure out how to say it. 
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