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Latina BIPOC Story Coach and Editor Jesi Vega
Jesi Vega


Storytelling Expertise for Women of Color with something to say 

Women of Color have the power to dismantle destructive systems and create a healthier, more equitable and inclusive world -- and they wield that power through their voices and their stories.

When developing your stories and your message feels overwhelming, confusing, or lonely, Jesi Vega guides you through the process, providing the expertise and encouragement you need. She provides workshopscoaching, coworking opportunities, story consulting, and editorial services.


Jesi offers:

Coaching & Coworking, Story Consulting, Editing Services and Workshops 

Jesi supports Women of Color working for social impact and systems change to: 

  • Cut through noise and express themselves with greater clarity 

  • Overcome self-doubt and share expertise with authority

  • Prioritize creative time and develop a reliable writing routine  

  • Conquer writers block and nurture their creative voice

  • Develop unformed ideas into powerful messages  

  • Transform disorganized notes into written work

  • Navigate publishing confusion and get their writing out there

What Clients Say

Afro-Latina BIPOC writer Ivelisse Morales
"Jesi's become my trusted thought partner in all things editorial and storytelling and has supported me as my editor in the successful release of my first book."

Ivelisse Morales, Award-winning creative founder & CEO

Curious about how Jesi's support can help you make a bigger impact?

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