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Unlock the Power of Storytelling in Your Community Group or Purpose-Driven Organization

Why Storytelling?

  • Storytelling connects people with their personal sense of mission and purpose...

  • Storytelling fosters cooperation and unites teams towards common goals

  • Storytelling reveals unique perspectives, fosters trust, and enhances understanding.

What does a Represent! Storytelling Workshop provide?

  • Safe, inspiring, BIPOC-centered spaces for sharing personal experiences and developing impactful stories

  • In-person and online sessions tailored to suit the specific needs and opportunities of your group or organization

What happens at a Represent! Storytelling Workshop?

  • Each workshop combines Jesi's subject matter expertise, group discussions, individual exercises, and real-world examples.

  • Participants receive ample practice opportunities to refine their storytelling skills. 

Jesi's retreats are a safe space for self discovery through storytelling and getting feedback on the content I'm developing prior to sharing with an audience. It's transformational, inspiring and validating. - S
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