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Represent helps BIPOC leaders and social impact entrepreneurs develop their stories, improve their storytelling skills, and solidify their brands.

When you join my Coaching & Coworking community, you build our work together into your schedule at your own pace.

Online Coaching & Coworking sessions are held twice weekly and can be attended on a drop-in basis. During a session, you can ask questions, get feedback on your work, and even brainstorm. Or you can just spend the hour writing knowing you've got me alongside you cheering you on. 

Storytelling is an essential skill for any professional woman of color who wants to make an impact with her message and change the systems that matter to her but it doesn't always come naturally. When you're stuck trying to tell your story -- whether for a book, podcast, or public speaking opportunity -- story consulting helps you find your stories and share them with confidence and power.

Developmental editing supports the shape and structure of nonfiction and poetry projects in their early stages.

Substantive and copy editing services polish and hone your finished manuscript so it rings as clearly and powerfully as possible. 

Workshops cover a range of topics, from personal storytelling to branding and team building. Every culture is comprised of the stories it tells itself; only  by hearing a greater diversity of stories will our culture embrace a greater diversity of people and perspectives. 

Ann, memoirist

“Jesi helped me drill down to core themes that I can develop so that I can explore the feelings in more depth and meaning. I am so very grateful. I even read her notes to some friends and they said, 'Oh, she’s really good!.'"

Sean, screenwriter

"Jesi not only gets the story I’m trying to tell, but also knows the questions to ask that will have me tell it better. She’s got an enormous frame of reference and can pull inspirations and ideas from seemingly innumerable sources."

Margaux, novelist

"Jesi is a fantastic creative contributor to have on your side. Whether it be novels, scripts, or editing, Jesi is insightful, tactful, and constructive with her feedback."
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