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13 Questions To Ask About Your Book

The majority of my clients are men and women of color dedicated to social justice, healing, and spirituality who have shaped their lives around their passions and beliefs. Most of them are already sharing their wisdom and knowledge through their work but all of them are longing for something more. They want to get it down on paper; they want to write and publish a book.

For some, the easiest part is sitting down and starting to write, for some that’s the hardest. But whether you’re a strong starter or a veteran procrastinator, the journey from page to press is long and, along the way, you can lose track of why you were writing your book in the first place.

Founders and entrepreneurs are frequently encouraged to know their “why” so they can be more clear about why they’re doing what they’re doing and use that clarity to make it through the tough times. It’s less common for first-time writers to do it but having a clear vision of your “why” can restore inspiration when your energy starts to flag.

So how do you do it?

Here are some questions to ask when looking for your “why” and forming your vision of a world in which your book is published and you can hold it in your hand:

  1. Will my book fill a need that isn’t being filled?

  2. Will my book provide knowledge that only I possess and which will go unknown unless I share it with the world?

  3. Will my book increase the good I want to see in the world?

  4. Will my book make it possible for people to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives?

  5. Will my book reach people I will never meet but who will feel my impact?

  6. Will my book spread my wisdom beyond the small circle of people who already follow or work with me?

  7. Will my book provide a new take on an old subject? If the same old people have been talking about the same old things and going around in the same old circles for a long time, will my book disrupt the conversation?

  8. Will my book do my work for me even when I need to take a break? 

  9. Will my book make my work affordable to people who might not otherwise be able to afford it?

  10. Will my book provide my clients with an ongoing reminder of my message?

  11. Will my book increase my visibility and attract more business?

  12. Will my book increase my credibility and bring me new and better opportunities?

  13. Will my book satisfy a dream that’s never gone away?

Whether you’re writing your book for one reason or for all of them, reminding yourself of the “why” and letting yourself be pulled forward by a future in which your book already exists is an essential tool for getting it done and taking your project to press.

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