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Making Connections To Tell Great Stories

I’ve always loved exploring the deeper meanings hidden in art, movies and books. Themes pop out, patterns emerge, and I find connections that elude other people.

I first used this gift as a film student, and then as a screenwriter, helping my peers discover what they were trying to say when they felt stuck with a script or scene. Rather than magic, this gift is also what makes me so good at reading people’s cards. Without even thinking, I can fill in the blanks and tease someone’s life story out of a series of seemingly unrelated symbols and images.

I love stories, I love language…

And I love editing.

Editing calls on this gift for seeing the truths beneath the surface, while also offering me the opportunity to creatively support the visionary professionals and entrepreneurs who inspire me. And while I love writers, I’m particularly passionate about providing support to seasoned professionals who don’t consider themselves writers, but have a story to tell and wisdom to share.

So whether you’re an experienced writer, or a beginner, a seasoned organization or a startup, I’m here to help you refine your ideas, polish your language, and get your message across as clearly and powerfully as possible.

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